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A sensational meal for a better day! – Boston Sushi

January 24, 2014

Even if you have a scant holiday experience or a pending paycheck, you can always delight over a meal of sushi. United States is well known for its huge variety of cuisines. May it be Tokyo’s traditional sushi or Italy’s exquisite pastas; the country has special outlets to suffice the needs of fervent food aficionados. Moving on, Boston is one of United State’s largest cities that is well known for its sushi shops. The place delights fervent eaters with affordable and worthy option. Patrons who are classed as fierce sushi partisans will definitely consider Boston as “Safe Haven”. Thus, when you enter a Japanese restaurant, Boston will show its full scrumptious and savory nature!

Quality food!

To begin with, Boston’s ultimate sushi corner is located near the “Porter Exchange Building”. The lane is filled with several stalwarts that offer the nation’s well priced and tasty sushi varieties. The mini food courts serve the sensational dish with Korean specialties, curry rice and ramen. There is nothing that could be as fancy as the process of enjoying fresh sushi near Porter Exchange Boston. Two well known cuisines in the area would include Blue Fin and Nigiri. These restaurants offer a grand range of varieties for every dollar you spend.

You will ask for more!

Similarly, Boston is known for its prominent crowd of Japanese families. The place is usually busy with elders and youngsters who enjoy the tang in fresh seafood based sushi. Several years ago, the serene place was filled with mellow lighting and few tables, for food aficionados who love sushi. However, today the city is packed with more than five hundred bistros that serve the authentic sushi in a traditional way. As the crave for Boston sushi increased, the place started delighting everyone with plenty of options. Conversely, the best sushi Boston will trigger your taste buds to ask for more!


Some of the Most Loved Sushi across the World

January 23, 2014

Sushi is vinegar rice which is topped with fish, meats and vegetables. This dish is misunderstood as raw seafood or fish by people outside Japan. There are numerous kinds of sushi which are very popular among most of the people.


Nigirizushi is a sushi which has toppings of rice clumps. Apart from topping this sushi with vinegar rice, Nigirizushi is seasoned with wasabi and has thin fish slice, egg and many other seafoods. Even though the egg is cooked, seafood as well as fish is served raw. Salmon, mackerel, eel and tuna are some of the most used types of fish for this sushi. While eating the Nigirizushi, ensure that the part of rice isn’t dipped in soy sauce. Only the part of fish should be dipped. This is because if you do otherwise, the sushi can fall apart.


Makizushi is a popular sushi which is rolled on a sheet of nori or seaweed. It contains vegetables, seaweed, rice and fish. This sushi is rolled into a cylindrical shape with the help of a bamboo mat. It is then cut into even pieces. Futomaki is a variant of Makizushi and it is a thick and fat roll. On the other hand, Hosomaki which is another variant of Makizushi refers to thin rools.

Inarizushi, Chirashi-zushi and Temaki Sushi

The toppings of Inarizushi are stuffed inside a small tofu fried pouch. This is not as popular as Chirashi-zushi, in which the toppings are scattered over the bowl of sushi rice. Its topping is sashimi or raw seafood. Temaki Sushi, also known as hand rolls is similar to maki. However, Temaki Sushi is rolled using your hands to form cone shaped sushi. This is directly eaten like this and not sliced.

Sushi is the most favorite dish not only in Japan but also other nations in the world.



Interesting Facts about Sushi

January 23, 2014

Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese delicacies. It is a complete meal with rice and raw fish as its main ingredients. Japanese rice becomes sticky when cooked and this is what makes it appropriate to make sushi. Japanese sushi is vinegar rice because the rice used in this dish is seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar. This conventional Japanese dish is mostly topped with ingredients such as fish, different meats and vegetables and sushi is usually dipped in condiments like wasabi, pickled ginger and soya sauce before eating. You can eat sushi with chopsticks or using your hand.

Health Benefits of Sushi

Eating sushi gives you a lot of health benefits. The 2 main ingredients, rice and raw fish are excellent source of carbohydrates, high proteins, minerals and vitamins. Most importantly sushi has very low fat. There is no fat used to prepare sushi as it is served raw. The high protein levels in Sushi are found in its fillings and toppings. These are tofu, egg, fish, seafood, and a lot of other things. The vegetables used to prepare sushi are rich source of vitamins and minerals. And the vegetables and rice used are good carbohydrate sources.

Conveyor belt systems

An inexpensive and common way of eating sushi is at restaurants with a conveyor belt sushi as well as sushi train. These are unique restaurants which are widely found in Japan and are becoming popular abroad as well. The sushi at such restaurants is served on color coded plates and each color indicates the cost of a sushi serving.

Japanese style of eating sushi

The conventional serving of sushi is inspired by minimalist and simplistic styles. The food is laid in basic symmetry, in monotone and wooden plates. However, small restaurants don’t use plates because sushi is eaten directly from the wooden counter itself.